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Hi, my name is Tahir Burhan. I have had an intimate relationship with the guitar from a very young age. My fascination in the power of music had guided me over the years and around the world, collecting rhythms, melodies and sounds that I have brought together in my own compositions.


I have toured around Asia and Europe, and have collaborated with a multitude of musicians from various parts of the globe. During this time I have gained valuable experience and insight into multiple genres of music, This is reflected in my own compositions and teaching methods.


Music brings people together in times of difficulty and happiness, it brings companionship and warmth, and it is this reason that music has been very central to my life. For me, passion is everything in music, but without basic knowledge and music theory, that precious passion will always be limited. As we all know; there is no limit to learning.


During my experience of teaching, I have not only provided education but I have gained it from my own students. Teaching music with that in mind keeps my lessons unpretentious and enjoyable for all. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss guitar tutoring by clicking contact.

Learning the basics of guitar from Tahir has been such a joy that I never really felt like I was in a lesson.

_ Joanna Celly


Tahir took me through various styles of music in such a short space of time, it kept the lessons interesting all the while I learned how to play Flamenco

- Craig Ells


- I had been meaning to learn guitar for such a long time and when I finally took a course of lessons wth Tahir, it really opened up a new world for me which I have not stoped exploring since. Thank you!

- Mona Feng


- Tahir has been a brilliant guitar tutor to my son James, who has not put his guitar down since taking a course of lessons. Tahir introduced my son to the basics of blues, jazz and classical, which is perfect as he is still unsure of what genre he wants to focus on. Thanks!

- Mary Giles


- Brilliant, thanks. Great lessons, really enjoyable, didnt feel like a student at all.

Tursun Jon


- I would highly recommend booking a course of lessons with Tahir. Not only are his lessons fluid to fit you needs exactly, he is really easy in nature and is well equiped to teach many styles.

- Feifei

Feedback from students

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cherchen man official website name Tahir Burhan FaceBook Link
cherchen man official website name Tahir Burhan FaceBook Link
cherchen man official website name Tahir Burhan FaceBook Link